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Neal Hallford

Swords & Circuitry Studios
Executive Producer
San Diego, California
Neal Hallford was bred on the planet Vhoorl to be the soul-sucking brood twin of Great Cthulhu, but his adoptive family insists he's really from Oklahoma. Despite his parents best attempts to give him a decent upbringing, he was irrevocably tainted by his contact with horror fiction, amateur filmmaking, comic books, role-playing games, Dr Who, and Star Trek. After his short career as a shoggoth tamer came to an abrupt end (due largely to a surprising lack of shoggoths in Tulsa), he decided to pack it in and become a writer and computer game designer. Best known for CRPGs like BETRAYAL AT KRONDOR, PLANET'S EDGE, and DUNGEON SIEGE, he is currently co-executive producer on a weird tales audio drama series, UNCHARTED REGIONS. He also dabbles in the even darker arts of independent filmmaking, and is involved in the production of several projects including the award-winning horror film THE CASE OF EVIL (now available on Amazon Video Direct), and is the director of photography for THE CON OF WRATH, a Star Trek-related documentary from fellow Okie Larry Nemecek. Neal currently lies dreaming in R'leyh (known more mundanely as San Diego, California).

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